“For reasons of doubt”

High Cathedral of Paderborn © Olga Koverninska (shutterstock)

The public prosecutor's office in Paderborn has dropped an investigation against a priest suspected of abuse. The man had been denounced in April 2019. An expert opinion was prepared on the statements of the alleged victim.

The clergyman had been accused of sexual assaults in the late 1990s on a then ten-year-old child, the authorities told the Catholic News Agency (KNA) on Wednesday. The pastor had denied the allegations, the alleged victim had made contradictory statements.

Psychological expertise

A psychological report had also been prepared on the statements of the alleged victim. Finally, the investigation was discontinued "for reasons of doubt". The man had been reported in April 2019. The "Neue Westfalische" had first reported on the case.

Ecclesiastical preliminary investigations

Meanwhile, after prosecutor's investigations against a priest from the archdiocese of Paderborn over allegations of abuse were dropped, preliminary canonical investigations continue. The spokesman for the archdiocese, Benjamin Krysmann, told the Catholic News Agency (KNA) on Wednesday evening.

He said the archdiocese had asked the Paderborn public prosecutor's office for access to files. Once the preliminary investigations are completed, the case will be submitted to the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith for a decision, he said. The priest is still suspended from pastoral ministry, Krysmann said.

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