Families – threatened with extinction?

Patchwork families, single parents and same-sex relationships. Besides the classic family, many forms of life are possible. It is the task of politics to create framework conditions and not to prescribe certain ways of life. But the future of society nevertheless depends on children.

patchwork families, single parents and same-sex relationships. Beside the classical family many ways of life are possible. The task of politics is to create framework conditions, not to prescribe certain lifestyles. The future of society nevertheless depends on children. this site spoke with Armin Laschet, (CDU), North Rhine-Westphalia Minister for Generations, Family, Women and Integration about family in Germany. Laschet does not believe that people would decide to have more children because of parental allowance. In his eyes, it would have been more important to create childcare options. He also fears that parental allowance does not recognize family work on an equal footing with gainful employment. Experiences in Scandinavia showed that parental allowance could well give a boost to the birth rate. Young people still wanted to have their own family – but many did not realize their desire to have children. Germany, he said, must therefore address the question of why the birth rate in this country is one of the lowest.The program this site worldwide "Lebensform Familie – Zukunftsfrage fur Europa" (Family as a way of life – a question for the future of Europe) dealt with this topic in detail.

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