Families, soldiers and children

Families, soldiers and children

A stumbling stone by artist Gunter Demnig © Jens Wolf

New action against forgetting: Artist Gunter Demnig will lay 57 new Stolpersteine for victims of the Nazi regime in Cologne this Wednesday and Thursday. There are now more than 70.000 stumbling blocks throughout Europe.

At 22 locations, the cobblestone-sized memorials set into the ground will commemorate people persecuted and killed by the National Socialists, the city of Cologne announced.

Among those killed are a Jewish family, a "euthanasia" victim, a soldier convicted and executed as a deserter, a man persecuted as a homosexual, and three Sinti and Roma children. The stones will be laid in the city center, Neustadt and Cologne-Sulz. Lord Mayor Henriette Reker is to deliver an address at the event.

More than 70.000 stumbling blocks in Europe

The Stolpersteine are a project of the Cologne artist Gunter Demnig, who has so far laid more than 70 Stolpersteine across Europe.has laid 000 of these monuments. The concrete memorial plaques embedded in the sidewalk bear brass plates measuring ten by ten centimeters on top, inscribed with the names and life dates of the victims.

They are laid in front of their last places of residence. "Godparents" of the Stolpersteine are relatives and descendants of the Nazi victims, but also associations, schools or church congregations.

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