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The Catholic Church in Italy wants to make it easier for victims of sexual abuse to report corresponding acts. The Secretary General of the Italian Bishops' Conference, Stefano Russo, pleads for voluntariness.

The secretary general of the Italian Bishops' Conference, Stefano Russo, rejects a duty to report child abuse; Italian law also does not provide for such a duty.

The intention is to "facilitate reports and invite victims of abuse to file reports, but to do so with respect for the will of the victims and their families," Russo said, according to a report by Catholic press service SIR. Delicate ies are involved.

New guidelines to strengthen prevention

Everything that helps to bring the truth to light more quickly is useful and good. This includes not only cooperation with state authorities, but also with all those who deal with the ie of abuse.

At a three-day meeting from Monday to Wednesday, Italy's bishops had again discussed reforming their guidelines for dealing with abuse. Once again, those affected also reported on their suffering and experiences. The revised guidelines are expected to be approved at the bishops' conference plenary meeting in May.

The new guidelines are aimed primarily at strengthening and expanding prevention efforts. Russo referred to the pope's decrees for the Vatican State and the Curia published last week. The Italian bishops' guidelines are very similar, he said.

Meeting with child protection commissioner

According to the report, the head of the Catholic Church in Italy's specialized office for child protection, Archbishop Lorenzo Ghizzoni, plans to meet soon with the recently appointed child protection officers of Italy's church regions. These bodies include religious and experts in various disciplines.

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