“Eucharist as a ticket to paradise.”

Pope Francis at the Angelus © VN

Engage in a "relationship of love and trust with Jesus," Pope Francis encourages during Angelus prayer in St. Peter's Square. Likewise, he pays tribute to his predecessor Paul VI., whose anniversary of death is tomorrow.

Pope Francis has opposed reducing religion to the implementation of regulations. It is a "temptation" to project the image of master and servant onto the relationship between God and man, he said at Sunday's noon prayer in St. Peter's Square. The Gospel message, on the other hand, is a "relationship of love and trust with Jesus.

Not only material bread

More important than concern for material bread, she said, was faith in Christ as the "bread of life". Jesus wants to satisfy man's hunger for truth, justice and love, the pope said.

Meanwhile, Pope Francis has named his predecessor, Paul VI, who died 40 years ago, as his successor. (1963-1978) praised as a "great pope of modernity". The church remembers him with veneration and gratitude, Francis said at Sunday's noon prayer, referring to the events planned for the 14. October planned canonization. Further, he called Paul VI. an advocate "for the church he loved so much and for peace in the world".

Second Vatican Council

Paul VI., whose real name is Giovanni Battista Montini, was on the 6. August 1978 died at the age of 80 at the papal summer residence Castel Gandolfo. His 15-year tenure was marked internally by the implementation of the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965), politically by the era of the Cold War, the social upheavals in the West, and most recently by terrorism in Italy.

Paul VI triggered an ongoing controversy. with his statements on family and sexual ethics in the doctrinal letter "Humanae vitae" (1968). In the encyclical "Populorum progressio" (1967) he outlined guidelines for a just global development. In 2014, he was beatified by Pope Francis.

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