Eu customs modernization: amazon, paypal and co. Should pass data

EU Customs Modernization: Amazon, PayPal and Co. Should pass data

With modern technology, better data exchange and more sharply rules, the European Union wants to scare the grassy fraud with zollen and folded branded products. Economic Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni introduced an action plan to modernize the Customs Union on Monday.

For example, new duties should be introduced for payment service providers and online sales platforms to prevent customs and tax fraud. Among other things, payment systems such as PayPal or Amazon Pay from 2024 will be forced to provide dance treatment.

A platform for all customs formalities

Overall, the availability and use of data and data analyzes should also improve for inches purposes. The action plan see one "Intelligent, risky monitoring of supply chains" before. A new analysis system should facilitate the collection, evaluation and exchange of customs data. Furthermore, the Commission intends to support the customs authorities in the next few years with almost two billion euros from the EU budget in the acquisition of modern technology.

For companies experienced EU Commissioner Gentiloni facilitations: they are designed to handle customs and other marginal formalities on a single platform. Details of this "Single Window Initiative" Will the Commission imagine in October. Already now she has a treasure of how much money companies saved: up to 690 million euros in the first seven years.

The problem with product plagiarism

The EU anti-fraud OLAF estimates that between 2017 and 2019 more than 2.7 billion euros inches were not recorded too little. Also 300 million euros anti-dumping zolles were not collected. In addition, folded branded goods for 121 billion euros came to the EU, which in Europe after estimates the EU Commission up to 400.000 jobs in manufacturers of real products as well as taxes in billions costs.

In view of the victory train of online trade, which is still accelerated by Corona, these problems were still able to catch. Amazon, for example, a long time is criticized, far too little against the offering on his platforms offering plagiarism. The company tries to become the Lord, among other things, with artificial intelligence.

The paperless customs union

The Customs Union was founded in 1968 and means: There is no train between the EU states, and for moving traffic with states outside the Community are uniform and common sales agency. Customs revenues are partly in the common EU budget. Standard for control and invent are the resistances in the member states, but they are not always consistent. In 2016, the EU had formulated the goal of making the Customs Union to a full-timely paperless environment for at least 2025. The action plan should be driven forward. /

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