Em: cologne also lights up stadium with rainbow colors

Em: cologne also lights up stadium with rainbow colors

Many cities and soccer clubs want to set a shining example of tolerance and diversity. After UEFA banned the stadium in Munich from being lit up in rainbow colors during the European Championship match between Germany and Hungary, the Cologne stadium next to the arena in Frankfurt will shine in rainbow colors on Wednesday evening. This was confirmed by the Cologne sports facilities and the Bundesliga club on Tuesday after the WDR had previously reported on it.

"We welcome this very much. Cologne and the FC stand for diversity and tolerance. The developments in Hungary are frightening – it is all the more important to set a sign against it," said FC managing director Alexander Wehrle.

Dortmund and Monchengladbach also participate

The pylons of the stadium will be topped by 21.00 a.m. to midnight colorful glow. This was decided by the Cologne sports facilities on the initiative of various groups from the Cologne city society as a sign of protest against the Hungarian legislation. Earlier, a request by the Munich City Council was rejected by UEFA to illuminate the Munich stadium hosting the match against Hungary in rainbow colors as a signal for diversity and self-determined lifestyles of sexual orientation.

Clear signs are also being set in Dortmund, France, Monchengladbach and Berlin. Flags in rainbow colors are hoisted at Borussia Park. In Dortmund, prominent city buildings such as the TV tower and the Dortmunder U, as well as some museums, are to be given a colorful makeover. In Berlin, the Olympic Stadium is illuminated in rainbow colors; the same goes for Deutsche Bank Park in Frankfurt.

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