Each club a transmitter

In Berlin, the Netzaudio offer is "Klubadio" start.

Now you can not go out anymore to horen Berlin Techno. In time for the radio exhibition and the Zeitgeist-Messe "Berlinbeta" When a new Internet audio offer has gone to the network with Klukadio, which spreads the sound of six Berlin clubs worldwide: Klukadio sends from the Berlin clubs Safe, Maria am Ostbahnhof, WMF and the East Mut. The project "streaming" 5 clubs in the week live.

"On the Internet, the club opened up a new manure and the challenge of linking the local event with global attention", Strolled it with a press conference that gave the Klukadio makers at the Berlinbeta. "Klukradio is the only one worldwide "Internet Club Gateway" The regular live operation summarizes the program of several clubs of a city."

The clubs lead their evening music program via an ISDN line to the audio server of "Klubadio", from where it is spread to the whole world. So every club becomes its own transmitter, which, like scenesparten channels, use certain musical preferences. The offer should be financed via advertising, which can also be displayed in the current program. So far, however, both breaker spots, as well as advertising banners are still missing.

To the creators of the web offer, which has a stress simple interface, found Berlin Netizens, who have been working on cultural networking since the mid-1990s: among others Pit Schultz, the land of the network culture mailing list "nettime" and Thomax Kaulmann, who has a member of the "International city" was and with "Orang" already a music archive operates on the net, which from the "Radio International City" emerged. "Klubadio" Can also be considered as a continuation of some ages of Berlin’s projects: to the first projects of the "International city" hoarding the "Club net", Could chat with each other about the river in different clubs – partly from the same discotheques, which are now about that "Klubadio" Stream into the internet…

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