“Don't reduce him to a ban on contraception”

Pope Paul VI. to be canonized in October. In the run-up, Bishop Peter Kohlgraf of Mainz has warned against reducing it to the ban on artificial contraception pronounced in his encyclical "Humanae vitae".

"One does justice neither to him nor to this encyclical to single out this point," Kohlgraf writes in the church newspaper "Faith and Life" (ie of 3. June).

This encyclical is "a thoroughly positive appreciation of human love, sexuality and marriage," the bishop emphasizes. The writing is not characterized by condemnations.

In the end, Paul VI said. (1963-1978) about "the fact that the deepest encounter between two people must be the expression of a lifelong love and a real partnership, if it wants to remain worthy of human beings," according to Kohlgraf. The bishop of Mainz added: "When one sees how questions of sexuality today also threaten to slip into the technical and often arbitrary, the text remains an inquiry into what is taken for granted today."

Pope walking out of the Vatican

Pope Francis has already announced that Paul VI. on 14. October will be canonized in Rome. Kohlgraf underscored the historical significance of the former church leader: "Pope Paul VI. is the pope who courageously brought the Second Vatican Council to a close against much opposition, implemented the liturgical reform and freed the papal office from many externalities."

He was a pope who used the modern media of the time to proclaim the gospel. And: "He was the first pope who went out of the Vatican to meet people on his travels."

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