Documentaries cause a stir

Documentaries cause a stir

Last year, the Polish government decided to set up a commission of inquiry into sexual abuse. Little has happened since then. After accusations, the Catholic Church in the country has responded.

For a large majority of Poles, the government's measures against child sexual abuse in the church do not go far enough. 71.4 percent rated the steps in a survey published Monday by the Internet portal "" as insufficient
or completely insufficient. According to the report, only 11.1 percent found the government measures sufficient or completely sufficient. The remaining 17.5 percent did not dare to pass judgment. The IBRIS polling institute surveyed 1 nationwide.100 people.

A new documentary film about child sexual abuse by Catholic priests and the alleged cover-up of these crimes by a bishop has been causing quite a stir in Poland since the weekend. Last summer, the parliament had passed the
Establishment of an investigative commission for cases of abuse in religious communities as well as in the educational, cultural, recreational and sports sectors has been decided upon. But the commission has not yet begun its work, nor have its members been appointed.

Vatican investigation procedure initiated

Poland's Catholic primate, Archbishop Wojciech Polak, wants the Vatican to investigate the allegations made in the film "The Hide-and-Seek Game". As child protection commissioner of the bishops' conference, he brought about an investigation procedure by the Holy See in accordance with Pope Francis' regulations. The story from the film shows "that the standards in force in the church for the protection of children and young people were not observed," the primate said over the weekend.

In the documentary published on the video platform YouTube, the bishop of Kalisz (Kalisch), Edward Janiak, is accused of having done nothing about a priest who sexually abused children. Within 48 hours, the film received more than four
Millions of clicks on YouTube. With it, filmmaker Tomasz Sekielski and his brother continue their acclaimed documentary "Just Don't Tell Anyone" about sexual abuse in the church. This had caused nationwide horror in Poland in May 2019.

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