“Do not sexualize six-year-olds”

The deputy federal CDU leader Julia Klockner is in favor of a burkini ban in schools. At this point, the state must clearly state which standards are non-negotiable in this country, Klockner said.

"That's why I'm also against even little girls wearing headscarves to school; after all, that means that even six-year-olds are sexualized and taught that they have to be subordinate to men because of their gender," Klockner told the Augsburger Allgemeine newspaper (Tuesday). "We live in the year 2018, in Germany. The role of the woman will show whether integration will succeed," added Klockner. A burkini is a swimwear for Muslim women that covers the entire body except for the face, hands and feet.

"If a girl is not allowed to take part in swimming lessons, or only in a burkini, then that has nothing to do with our understanding of equality," added Klockner, who is also Germany's agriculture minister. At this point, the state must clearly state which standards are non-negotiable in this country and that there can be "no religious or cultural discount" on them, he said.

"Crude gender image"

The politician criticized the image of women behind burkinis, saying, "The decent woman has to cover her body because the female body is offensive and men supposedly can't control themselves."If the honor of a family depends on the sexuality of the sister or daughter, only one person pays the price: the girl or the woman. That girls should cover themselves completely is a "crude gender image, which children should not be taught in our schools. We must also make this unmistakably clear to patriarchal parents."

Teachers need to know clearly that the state is behind them, Klockner said. "It is not patriarchal fathers who define what the school law requires, but rather the state. Compulsory education, including swimming lessons, applies to everyone. And girls should at least have the freedom at school to move about with equal rights and without being stigmatized."

Klockner had already spoken out against the burkini at the end of June. The reason was the purchase of such swimwear by a high school in Herne, North Rhine-Westphalia. The school said it wanted to ensure that Muslim students no longer had an excuse to stay away from swimming lessons. (CBA)

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