“Devastating effect” for the church

Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin has called sexual abuse by priests an "atrocity". Not only in this area, but also in dealing with homosexuals, he said, the church must "heal many wounds".

The abuse scandals in the church have had a "devastating effect" on the church's credibility, said Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin, the highest-ranking representative of the Catholic Church after Pope Francis, according to the Vatican News information service. Church's first task, he said, is to stand by victims and help them rebuild their lives. Parolin made the comments with an eye toward a papal trip to Ireland this weekend.

Parolin went on to say that the Catholic Church in Ireland had recognized its failures, mistakes and sins in the abuse scandal and had taken steps to prevent a repeat of such atrocities. Francis wanted his visit to be a "sign of hope" and trust in God's "liberating power".

Also consider dealing with homosexuals

The cardinal said there were also "many wounds to heal" on the ie of migration, the crisis of the family and the treatment of homosexuals.

The church should not only provide words, but also example and action. It is important to accompany people in a listening way, in dialogue and in a willingness to grow together. The Cardinal Secretary of State went on to say that the Church must press politicians for family-friendly legislation.

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