“Debate on the token level”

Several abuse victims' organizations critical of planned sexual abuse roundtable. The self-help groups "Tauwetter" and "Wildwasser" accused the federal government of actionism and a "debate on the token level". Child Protection League, which itself wants to participate, is also skeptical.

The roundtable, led by the federal ministers of education, of family affairs and of justice, is scheduled to meet on 23. April to meet for the first time. According to the newspaper, the German Association of Cities, the welfare associations, the Olympic Sports Association, the churches, the feminist network BAG Forsa, a Munich youth counseling center and a child psychiatrist were invited to the event. The organizations "Thaw" for adult male abuse victims and "Wildwater" for women will not be there. Actionism and perhaps three poster campaigns? "Thaw's" trauma consultant, Thomas Schlingmann, reacted with amazement. After all, he said, it was grown men who uncovered the abuse scandal. The fact that the government is foregoing their perspective does not bode well. "It looks as if politics once again wants to get out of the affair with actionism and perhaps three poster campaigns," Schlingmann told the "Frankfurter Rundschau" newspaper.The executive director of "Wildwasser", Iris Holling, also expressed skepticism. It is necessary to finally draw conclusions from the scandal. The first thing that politicians must do is to ensure that victims have access to counseling and help throughout the country. So far, he says, not even what is possible under criminal law has been exploited. Code of conduct feh The head of the victim counseling center "Zartbitter," Ursula Enders, accused the government of not having established a code of conduct for employees of institutions working with children so far. Enders also criticized the federal government's new abuse commissioner, Christine Bergmann (SPD). The former Federal Minister for Family Affairs had spoken of reconciliation and thus put the victims under moral prere.The president of the Child Protection League, Heinz Hilgers, referred to the financial shortage of many counseling centers. He said he would work to ensure that new institutions are not founded out of actionism, "but that the existing ones are first given reasonable resources.

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