“Daring a new departure”

It is to be a sign of renewal of churches and society: The 2012 Katholikentag in Mannheim will be held under the motto "Dare a new departure".

The motto was decided by the Central Committee of German Catholics (ZdK), which is organizing the major event together with the Archdiocese of Freiburg, on Friday (15.10.2010). The Katholikentag wants to send a signal that Christians want to participate in the renewal of their church as well as of society, said ZdK President Alois Gluck.

The Archbishop of Freiburg, Robert Zollitsch, expressed the hope for a spiritual event. The Katholikentag wants to give courage for a new beginning in church and society. "In order for this departure into the future to succeed, there needs to be a spiritual renewal and a rearance in faith," said the archbishop, whose diocese includes Mannheim. For this reason, he said, a spiritual center for prayer and spirituality will be set up at Katholikentag, for example. The dean of the city of Mannheim, Karl Jung, emphasized that the Katholikentag wants to set the signal for a new beginning, so that the "message of the Gospel once again arrives in the world in which people live today".

Jointly organized by ZdK and archdiocese
ZdK President Gluck said that the term "awakening" chosen as a motto encompassed important socio-political ies such as migration, integration, reorganization of the financial system and the ecological crisis. At the same time, the motto expresses that the church needs an open dialogue about the problems that have led to loss of trust, sexual abuse and church crisis.

The 98. German Catholic Day will be held from 16. until 20. May 2012 in Mannheim jointly organized by ZdK and the archdiocese. Catholic congresses are held every two years, alternating with the Protestant church congresses. At the large-scale meetings, the Church presents itself to the public with its associations and institutions over several days. In May, Catholics and Protestants jointly organized the Second Ecumenical Church Congress in Munich.

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