Churches against green-red

After the outing of ex-professional soccer player Hitzlsperger, a discussion on the topic of homosexuality in the classroom is making waves in Baden-Wuerttemberg. Opponents of the Green-Red cause get support from the church.

The discussion about the topic of homosexuality in the classroom in Baden-Wurttemberg is becoming increasingly heated. The large churches strictly reject an upgrading of the topic in the school planned by the green-red federal state government. Children and young people should not be influenced in their search for sexual identity, the Catholic and Protestant churches said in Freiburg on Friday. The educational plan must be oriented to the Christian image of man in the national constitution and the school law.

The churches thus indirectly support an online petition against the state government's intention to include "acceptance of sexual diversity" as a goal in the 2015 education plan. The number of supporters of this petition grew to almost 80,000 by Friday morning.

Meanwhile, on the web, opposition to the petition is stirring under the Twitter hashtag (keyword) "idpet". In the meantime, supporters of Green-Red's request have started their own petition on the Internet. Within three days, it was signed by nearly 9000 people.

Against equal representation

"The petition against the revaluation of the topic of homosexuality in the school curriculum is stuck in the past," criticized state Social Affairs Minister Katrin Altpeter (SPD). The coming out of ex-professional soccer player Thomas Hitzlsperger shows that homosexuality exists in all areas, even in a male domain like soccer. "I find his confession good and courageous. The more people do this, the more it becomes the social norm."State Education Minister Andreas Stoch (SPD) said on Twitter: 'Discrimination must have no place in our diverse society'"."

The pietist wing in the Protestant church warned Green-Red not to want to shift the guidelines in the Basic Law. In the educational curriculum, he said, homosexuality should be presented on an equal footing with marriage and the family. "According to the Basic Law and the national constitution, marriage and family must have absolute priority," said the general secretary of the Evangelical Alliance, Hartmut Steeb. The organizations in the German Evangelical Alliance represent, according to their own information, about 1.3 million people.

Meanwhile, the opposition in Baden-Wurttemberg is soliciting understanding for critics of Green-Red. CDU parliamentary group leader Peter Hauk had stated that he could understand the fears of these people. "When you have this discussion about tolerance in the education plan, you also have to be tolerant of those who represent different views there."

In the FDP, there is an internal party dispute about how to deal with the ie. This is how FDP parliamentary group leader Hans-Ulrich Rulke was harshly criticized by the next generation of liberals. Rulke had said on Thursday that the FDP considers other ways of life than the classic family "as tolerable, but not as equal". July head of state Sebastian Gratz said he was ashamed of these statements. "His statements on the inferiority of same-sex relationships are sand in the gears of the new FDP".

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