Checkpoints in hamburg

With a coarse bid, the Hamburg police searched last Thursday and Friday to terrorists who are not at all

A hint of an Arabic-speaking man on three manner, which in his view probably planned a terrorist attack, satisfied, to put in the Hanseatic city a never-because search engine in motion.

More than 1.000 uniformed swarms out to the supposed "Terrorist" to find 12 checkpoints were set up in the urban area, held vehicles, hundreds of persons overhearted by hand at the weapon, searches and arrested numerous people in advance. 18 hours long Hamburg’s interior senator Udo nail (party parts) Dancing the dolls, in the end was fixed: the "Terrorist" were not at all.

Three manners at the bus stop Holstensstrabe, one of them carries a backpack that – supposedly entertained – in Arabic. "We do not need to be a fear, we will be tomorrow’s heroes of Allah", should one of them have said an agyptic witness. The man turned to the police and the described scenario ranged out to get the machinery described above – albeit with significant time delay.

The officials who addressed the witness were just busy with another case. They tried in vain to call a second police car and finally sent the man to the next police station. Meanwhile, the suspects had long driven by bus. Based on one of the 2.500 video cameras, which has the Hamburg Hochbahn in operation and the U.a. In 710 cars of the U and S-Bahn as well as in 30 buses installed, photos of the suspicious manners could be published.

Then the feverish search for the pin began in the haystack: just under two million people were officially registered in the Hanseatic city, daily coming thousands of passengers, pendulum and tourism, the "Holstensbrab" is a traffic hub, the daily thousands of people happen. Nevertheless, it managed to find one of the suspects, the other two turned on. It was three young mans from Chechnya. For hours they were horrified, but everything was needed nothing, they just did not want to become a terrorist. So far, there is no indication that the manner terrorists were or even planned a stop, dear the police show on Friday evening. Even the papers of the war escape "in order". It is unclear whether they were now released again.

Self-confidently defended nail on Friday evening the media against the costly action. Federal Minister of Interior Otto Schily (SPD), who was cherished for a campaign appearance in the Hanseatic city, gave him jerking. Above all, the camera monitoring had been an effective tool, so nail. "If we did not have the cameras, we had no search photos", he said the Hamburg morning pos. The Hamburg Data Protection Officer Hartmut Lubomierski doubts that video cameras are a suitable means of terrorist. The Connector in London had proved that Attentate did not prevent, but highly the tatter could be identified – but only after the act.

Also last Friday – almost so secondary – the Hamburg main station was put into the state of emergence for a manless suitcase. Not for the first time: A few weeks ago, alarm stage was redeveloped twice, once because of a forgotten suitcase and once because of a mobile phone.

The fact that terrorudend is roughly written in the Hanseatic city, proved Nagel’s process as an interior sensor, Dirk Nockemann (then Schill Party). After it became known that the US intelligence of CIA indications had a felt-planned terrorist attack on the Bundeswehr hospital in Hamburg for early January 2005, Nockemann did not tumble long and dear "All available police force" Plus accumulated militar arsal in front of the hospital. 342 Partly heavily armed uniformed with track dogs and numerous police vehicles of the police offset the district in the state of emergency.

Nockemann Dear Even Barridades Building: 30 tons of foliage and sand were carved for strain barriers. With this staging that Nockemann brought at the time in the headlines of all German media, the ex-senator was the election campaign at that time. Nevertheless, his party failed at the 5% hurde, Nockemann then entered the CDU, in the meantime he has resigned there and wants to raise a new legal party to ground.

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