Chaos in the news editors

No crisis management in the television broadcasters in the context of the continuation report on the following

The terrorist followers in New York and Washington revealed that the news editors in the television broadcasters do not operate a forward-looking crisis management for the operation of attention. Whether Ard, ZDF, N-TV, SAT1 or RTL – all related to your pictures and information of CNN. Unroofed any message about the ather.

Ulrich Wickert and other newscasters proved in the continuing broadcasts of the first day that they dominate no crisis management in the editors. Monoton repeated the terrible pictures of the Kamikaze Attentate in New York and Washington. Wickert proved linguistic indeed and spoke even hours after the beginning of the reporting. The imprisonment of the self-mortal assassination of the speech ability itself of professional news spokes on N-TV itself, because the moderators never found the right tone. One spoke of unused and much later.

Any yet small message that reached the editorial tickers has not been given untouched to telex to fuel the program permanently. The message, for example, that another aircraft should be on the flight to Washington, ghosted for hours through the news broadcasts. Although Mr. Wickert stressed to emphasize that it was unfavorable information, but even correspondents from New York or Jerusalem did not behave differently.

Earlier became self-and with the "Experts |" speculated, because they were cut off from the important sources of information. In New York, the chaos prevailed and the sadial area was evacuated. The telephone lines were broken collapsed. Many families tried to reach their owners by phone to inquire about their health.

But why, however, the news shipments remained uninterrupted for so long? Surely you could not simply continue in the (afternoon) program after these striking. But apparently one is not prepared for such horror situations in the broadcasters and has no preserves that offer an adequate television program. Instead, the news broadcasts around the clock ran. It was probably about the famous quota, because one wife is about the concern of the television viewers in catastrophes and their requirements for information. Maybe you did not want to do anything, should something new happen.

But you can really want to browse the unfiltered information of a prayer moat immediately? All broadcasters have asked for the studios to offer more information. Thus one was allowed to live a pilot, which should be amended to the airline owner Nicki Lauda, that the terrorists may have controlled the aircraft themselves in the last phase. So one wanted to underline the amption that it was very well-educated terrorists. Otherwise, one offered the television viewing disability reporting, everyone was dragged in front of the microphones and television screens. Even as in the Berlin Cathedral at 21 o’clock over 2.000 people gathered to a memorial service, these noticeably affected people were interviewed. The service itself was not transferred, instead, the terrible television pictures were sent with the ever-equal comments and again and again and again. Only around 22.30 o’clock returned with the day topics more objectivity brought into summary reporting.

Only a few television stations recovered from this news flash and started at 22 o’clock with the shipments. All others obviously did not believe that the reporting to leave, not to fall behind the competition to fall or the critique to offer a blob. On this day showed that there are hardly independent news editors. Amazing, at which transmitters everywhere Mr. Kronzucker was visible as commentator in the news channel N24. In the pictures and messages, the viewer could experience a direct circuit with the American news channel CNN. The expensive ARD correspondents appeared overflowed and usually stuttered only CNN messages. The permanent repetition of the images and messages on all channels ultimately has the effect of not processing the terrible, but better aside.

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