“Celibacy irritates”

Best-selling author Manfred Lutz has warned against making hasty judgments based on the wave of abuse cases that have come to light in the Catholic Church: "Celibacy is a strange way of life, that's why it irritates people so much."Statistically, the abuse of children by non-celibate men is much more common in the rest of society, the Catholic theologian and psychiatrist told epd.

In this context, Lutz referred to a statement by the director of the Institute for Forensic Psychiatry at the Free University of Berlin, Hans-Ludwig Krober. According to the study, child abuse by Catholic priests is 36 times less likely than by non-celibate men."However, abuse by Catholic priests is much worse. Because the priest is at the same time in a father role, so that the abuse is also something incestuous," said Lutz. He pointed out that pedophiles like to advance compulsory celibacy as an excuse: "Perpetrators not infrequently have a perfidious ability to shift the responsibility for what they have done away from themselves and present themselves as victims of the circumstances."Lutz emphasized that it is neither social nor ecclesiastical conditions that produce child molesters. "Just as it is not by choice too repressive or too permissive approach to sexuality."Pedophiles choose professions where they come into contact with children, said the theologian and psychiatrist. Unfortunately, there are still no serious psychological tests with which one can determine such an orientation in time.

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