Cardinal lehmann on “unretirement”

Cardinal Karl Lehmann does not think much of cardinals talking about the 75th anniversary of their birth. Remain in bishop's office beyond age. The 74-year-old, however, described himself as a man of duty. He makes his decision "dependent on the dear God and the pope," says the bishop of Mainz.

Lehmann turns 75 on. May 75 years old. Bishops must then offer resignation to pope; but cardinals often stay in office longer.

"Only conditionally" succeeded in cutting back
In 2008, Lehmann resigned from the presidency of the German Bishops' Conference for health reasons after more than 20 years. However, he was "only partially" successful in cutting back, he told the Hamburg-based magazine "stern".

Even correspondence has tended to increase, he said, because people turn to him with even greater confidence.

Benedict's condom remarks would have opened a door
Referring to the pope's comments on condoms, the cardinal, Benedict XVI, said. Had not commented on contraception, but referred only to AIDS prevention – and under many conditions. "But it is certainly the case that at least at this point a door has been opened," added the bishop of Mainz.

With regard to the abuse scandal, the cardinal said that the church should not be surprised if it is measured by its own standards. "Whoever advocates the strict Catholic sexual morality, it comes back to him like a boomerang when he commits his own transgressions. Accompanied by gloating and schadenfreude," Lehmann said.

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