Cardinal ezzati asks victims for forgiveness

Cardinal ezzati asks victims for forgiveness

Cardinal Ricardo Ezzati Andrello © Romano Siciliani (CBA)

Chilean Cardinal Ricardo Ezzati has publicly apologized to victims of the abuse scandal. At a church service, Ezzati at the same time called for help and support for victims of abuse cases.

From the bottom of his heart and in the name of the Archdiocese of Santiago, he implores forgiveness from those who have been abused by the church, especially clergy, quoted the TV channel "CNN Chile" on Monday (local time) the Archbishop of Santiago at a service to mark the 400th anniversary of the church San Francisco. Everything possible must be done to ensure that such cases are no longer repeated.

The abuse scandal within the Catholic Church in Chile has been making headlines for months. The focus is on the now 88-year-old priest Fernando Karadima, who was convicted of sexual offenses in 2011. From his circle emerged several bishops, among them Juan Barros of Osorno, accused by victims of Karadima of complicity.

Accusation of cover-up

Pope Francis had sent a special envoy to Chile to clarify the allegations and asked the entire Chilean bishops' conference to come to the Vatican. In a historic move, 32 Chilean bishops had offered their resignations to the pope in May over the events. Meanwhile, Francis accepted six other bishops' resignations in addition to Barros's.

Recently, the two Chilean cardinals Ricardo Ezzati and Francisco Errazuriz also came in for criticism. They are accused of covering up cases of abuse in the archdiocese of Santiago. Ezzati to be heard by prosecutors soon.

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