“Bringing clarity”

North Rhine-Westphalia prepares to ban headscarves for girls in kindergartens and schools. At present, the NRW government is examining whether this should be regulated in the course of a decree or a law, explained Minister President Armin Laschet.

It can be observed that Muslim girls are increasingly wearing headscarves, although this is not regulated or prescribed anywhere in Islam.

That's why the planned headscarf ban for children "has nothing to do with religious freedom," Laschet (CDU) stressed to journalists in Dusseldorf on Friday. Covering girls who are not sexually mature with a headscarf is "not an Islamic practice anywhere" to this day, he said.

It is a task in the relationship between state and religion "to bring about clarity here". Above all, it is a matter of giving the girls "real freedom of choice" for or against the headscarf when they reach the age of religious maturity.

'No need for action' over crosses

With regard to the controversial decree on the cross ied by Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Soder (CSU), Laschet said that in North Rhine-Westphalia there was "no need for action.". Here, "a good tradition of religion in the public sphere" is maintained.

Such a presence, which does not exist in strictly secularized countries such as France, is a good thing, he said.

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