Bishop's chair in kalisz filled again

Bishop's chair in kalisz filled again

Cathedral in Kalisz © Iakov Filimonov (shutterstock)

For the Polish diocese of Kalisz, the pope has appointed a new bishop. As the Vatican announced on Monday, Damian Bryl will succeed Bishop Edward Janiak, who was granted leave in June and resigned in October.

The 68-year-old Janiak is accused of failures to deal with child sexual abuse by a priest, which is why the Vatican had ordered an investigation of the diocese.

Previously suffraganischof in Poznan

Kalisz's new Bishop Bryl (51) had been an auxiliary bishop in the Archdiocese of Poznan (Poznan) since 2013. After studying theology in Poznan, Bryl was ordained a priest in 1994 and then worked in parish pastoral care. In 1999 he graduated from the University of Opus Dei in Navarra, Spain, and then taught theology in Poznan.

Since 2000, Bryl had been a spiritual director at the seminary in Poznan as well as director of a catechetical journal. In the Polish Bishops' Conference, Bryl is currently an elected member of the Permanent Council and the Commissions for Clergy, Education and Family.

Bishop had to stay outside his diocese

The diocese of Kalisz, rocked by the abuse case of a priest, had been temporarily led by the archbishop of Łodź, Grzegorz Rys, since June 2020. According to the Vatican embassy in Warsaw, Janiak had to stay outside his former diocese during the ongoing investigation.

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