Because of “therapy” against homosexuality

Authorities in Spain have launched an investigation into church courses for homosexuals. It is courses on a so-called reparative therapy to reverse sexual preference.

As the newspaper "El Diario" (Tuesday) reports, it is about "therapy" offers of the diocese of Alcala de Henares, with which affected young people are supposed to be "cured" of their sexual orientation. According to the report, such treatments are banned in the Madrid region, which includes Alcala de Henares.

The competent authority will now examine whether the diocese has violated relevant regulations.

Violation of new law?

The background is a law against "LGTB-phobia" and sexual discrimination launched in 2016 by the Madrid regional government. Violations could result in fines of up to 45 percent.000 euro.

According to "El Diario", the diocese denies that the courses offered were so-called reparative therapy to reverse sexual preference. Rather, she said, it was a matter of "training" in sex education.

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