– born on 6. May 1946 in Rostock- until 1964 apprenticeship at the Reichsbahn, then signalman and dispatcher- from 1969 to 1974 theology studies with diploma- 1974 to 1990 parish priest in the East Saxon Oybin and student priest in Zittau- from May 1990 District Administrator of Zittau, since October 1990 CDU member- in September 1991 change to Saxon state government as Minister of the Interior under Minister President Kurt Biedenkopf- since December 1991 deputy CDU state chairman under party leader Biedenkopf- since October 1992 deputy CDU federal chairman, among others alongside Angela Merkel under party leader Helmut Kohl- since 1994 directly elected member of the state parliament- resignation from ministerial posts and resignation from his party offices in July 1995 after unproven accusations of sexual harassment by former employees – Eggert denied the accusations, Biedenkopf called her untrustworthy- October 1997 to September 2001 again deputy state leader of the CDU/CSU, now under party leader Fritz Hahle, failed in attempt to be re-elected in 2001- 1997 to 2002 host of the n-tv talk show "Gruner Salon"- considered successful- in the past legislative period chairman of the state parliament commission on "Demographic Development and its Effects" in Saxony- columnist for the Dresden "Morgenpost am Sonntag"- for two years volunteering at a hospice- married, four children

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