And again a few months more

And the trend continues: People in Germany are getting older and older. Average life expectancy has risen in recent years for both sexes – although men continue to be at a distinct disadvantage to women.

The average life expectancy for newborn boys is 76.9 years and for girls 82.3 years, the Federal Statistical Office announced in Wiesbaden on Friday, citing the so-called 2005/2007 mortality table. The last survey had amed 76.6 years for boys and 82.1 years for girls. The official mortality tables are based on the data on those who died and the average population of the past three years. Life expectancy has also continued to rise for older people. The life expectancy of 60-year-old men is another 20.7 years, compared to 20.6 years according to the last mortality table. According to statistics, 60-year-old women can expect to live another 24.6 years (last average 24.5 years). In the former territory of the Federal Republic, life expectancy is higher than in the past According to the survey, every second man will live to be at least 79 years old. Of the women, every second one even knows her 85. Birthday experience. 89 percent of the men and 94 percent of the women can at least describe the 60. Live to the age of 79. In the former territory of the Federal Republic (excluding Berlin), life expectancy is still somewhat higher than in the new states. The boys born in the west reach 77.2 years, those born in the east 75.8 years. Among girls, the gap in favor of children born in the West (82.3 years) is 0.3 years.

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