“America first”: trump wants “security zones” in syria for escape

Ahrar al-sham during training in one "Safe zone". Screen Shot, YouTube

The Kremlin reacts with the reminder to respect the potential risks

The multilateral conflict in Syria is in an interesting phase. At the moment, a proposal and a development that recently retained as not conceivable. The new US prasident launches the establishment of security zones in Syria in the game and according to the state of things in the province of idlib is not excluded that the Russian Air Force was able to support militia Ahrr Al-Sham, which to the end of last year to the Terrorists paid.

"Absolutely do Safe Zones in Syria"

In an interview with the US channel ABC, Trump spoke that he was absolutely willing to set up secure zones for the population in Syria: "Now I’ll Absolutely DO Safe Zones in Syria for the People."

It is not unimportant to point out the context. The lodge topic for the statement Trumps were escape and immigration. Trump replied to Dan Muirs "I WANSA ASK YOU ABOUT REFUGES". Muir wanted to know what it’s about "Muslim ban", the Trump in the election campaign, knowing exactly. Thereafter, Trump begins to talk about the dangers that can go out of escape lingers or immigrants from certain countries, which he definitely prevent preventing. It gives, indicated, a list that was heard more soon.

Then he knows the IS and shortly thereafter the safe zones in Syria. He is not charged, he gives understanding to make the tremendous mistake that Europe had committed than man "millions of people" In Germany and to arrive in other countries. What happened there is a disaster, you just have to look closely.

The exact observer had to notice at this point that Trump is on the road as a generalist, which it does not depend on details here, but on thunder and announcements. Too bad that there is no Mark Twain, which commented this adaquat.

Peskow: Consequences Breach!

From the distant Kremlin in Russia there was a reaction that warned for caution. Spokesman Dmitri Peskov advised the United States to pay attention to the potential risks associated with the establishment of security zones, such as the news agency TASS. It is important that this does not worse the escape situation. All possible consequences should be considered.

Aubert Peskov, that the American partners Russia had not consulted before this decision was published. As it looks, you are piked in the Kremlin about the undiplomatic approach. An aggressive tone is not that rather the reminder that "America First" not everywhere. Peskov pulls a border.

It is deducted that Syria is a Souveran country, where not so readily at will "Safe zones" can be set up. It also goes without saying that this collides significantly with the role of Russian protective power. The question was: Why Donald Trump is the conviction that in Syria Safe Zones have to be set up?

After all, there is a ceasefire in Syria, as was reformed again at the conference in Astana. Trump is badly informed? Or he’ll know it much better? Not only how frugal the ceasefire is indeed, but also which Descentroses developments could go (for example about escape movements from Iraq)?

Is about the expansion of the US influence zone, which was the ulterior idea of the Turkical proposal of a setup of buffer zones and even in the case of similar projects of the Fruheren Auxe Minister Clinton, the thought aroused?

Plan to the secure zones should be within 90 days

According to Reuters information, a design for the establishment of the secure zones already exists. The Reuters report betrayed a few interesting details. First, the thing is important: The draft shows that the Foreign Minister and the Minister of Defense within 90 days a plan for the establishment of security zones (Safe Areas) To prepare. Second, as places for the establishment of Safe Areas Is Syria – and the surrounding region -, ie other countries, suggested.

Third, the conception in the coarse alignment strikes the suggest that one makes in this country to transit eins. Inland expansion should be found there until they are settled elsewhere, either in their home country or in a third country (if the security zone is located, for example in Jordan).

A US Aircraft Zone in Syria?

So far, it was quoted to detect behind such projects completely different motives, namely angle floors, which go out on geopolitical interests, on a military expansion of the US influence zone. Then lifts z.B. The mirror article that connects the security zone to the establishment of a flight banquet zone. That’s how the case of Libya of the world substitute in mind, did not get far fetched (but in a conflict direction of the birth).

In Trump’s interview, however, it is not exemplary of a no-fly zone talking about. In the Reuters report, however, but only in context – "The militars warn for a long time before consequences of establishment of No-Fly Zones" – not as part of the design.

In the draft, new Visa regulations and stricter entry controls are determined, the end of the previous escape policy. An initially limited freezing of previously valued provisions for the entry of escape straps and migrants. So the question remains open to what Trump intends to set up security zones.

"We had to take the Iraqi OL"

Confusing comes here that Trump repeats the segregation in a long-way execution of Iraq that the US had done well to serve the country’s Olticht’s. Then he had not attained the power, which he then got, so the conviction of the business man. The Middle East experts have to do it with a phanomena in the sowing house that gives them all kinds of Ratsel.

During the clarification of the establishment of Safe Zones, An idea that is buried from Turkey, first not remains much more than to wait for Aufenkister Tillerson, Defense Minister Mattis and the National Security Advisor Flynn in the background of the Prasidential specifications, show amazing developments in the Syrian province of Idlib – and Interesting twists, as you would otherwise provide scribblers of Homeland or House of Cards.

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