Aibo – the robot dog

An intelligent toy

Whoever wants to get to the confidenced Mind Children and wants to develop everyday behaviors to deal with them, who would have to strike quickly quickly, because Sony will only offer a few thousand stucco his robot dog AIBO, for that you can make the easiest export for 2.5000 dollars over the internet. From 1. June is the new variety of pets orders.

After the success of the Tamagotchi, the AIBOS should now also conquer the profitable market of artificial pets and at the same time mark entry into theest century: "The last 10 years of 20. Century were dominated by PCs and the Internet", Means Sony’s VicePrasident Toshitada Doi. "The next 10 years we are sure that robots with free movement represent the next trend."

Aibo means in Japanese partner and is at the same time the coverage for Astatifical INtelligence roBot. A lot is promised: "A robot that foes, learns and growing." Even in development, Sony itself is the allegedly intelligent robot called Robokoneko, but in the form of a possible lifelike cat with coat. AIBO, on the other hand, is actually a robot dog, which is now to offer the competitor Furby Paroli and, in contrast to the Japanese cat of Masushita, which is to be used for tele-altenbuilder, is all on the entertainment of old and young.

as "Wunder" Is Aibo equipped with 18 joints and can not only go to four legs or sit down, but also "Mood" Print by stretching by stretching, getting up when he slows down despite motion sensors, camera and distance sensor, or move the legs when it lies on the jerk. Apart from the pre-programmed cumbers of the joy, the mourning, the Arger, surprise, the fear and disgust and instincts (love, looking, moving, charging or hunger), AIBO reacts even on accessories. Through a touch sensor on the head you can stroke him (however, the MUB had to happen for at least two seconds) or punish with a punch. We take this course to lift our self-firing, and around the autonomous robot, he should develop too much average momentum to keep under control, if he really should be of learning. If AIBO should be in bad mood, then he could not pay attention to the commands. Thankfully, you can then switch it off quickly or switch to remote control to control your movements. Different, he leads a few preprogrammed tricks. A pause switch can also bring him to rest or when he expires to sleep, wake up again.

But permanent in the Tamagotchi model – or as it is with animals and humans – the AIBOS should also grow up, which, of course, demands the attention of the owners who probably with such "autonomous" Robots can see a little faster than in children of human or animal to see if their educational work fruits something. If everything does not succeed, you only need to buy the additional module for 450 dollars to create new movement runs. Apparently, a built-in dying was discussed at Sony, but the commodity for a builder who spends a lot of money, but a little too lifelike when he has one "partner" with expiration date. Then he could take a real dog with all the bad biological properties. On the other hand, the programmed finiteness could just increase the stimulus. Where there is little time, more attention will be invested – and is the follow-up purchase of a clone for pleasure.

Sony, of course, promises that Aibo was developed with the aim of a human robot coexistence that the owner – or even the AIBO itself? – surprise. Maybe there is an ancestor from Hal to us, which has only 8 MB of memory, which was allowed to confront his creativity a little. In a demonstration he could catch a pink ball, otherwise Aibo is still pretty unprotected for communication with his mistress or master. Although he owns two microphones, but does not understand any language yet. This should come into lateral versions. For this he can bark, speak and – as already! – Sing in English and Japanese.

Oh yes, nine teams want to use the platform of AIBO at the next RoboCup.

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