Against violence and discrimination

Against violence and discrimination

Cardinal Peter Turkson © KNA

Against violence and discrimination

Violence against women © dpa

From the Vatican's point of view, women's rights and opportunities for development must play a central role in the further development of the UN Millennium Goals. Systematic violence and discrimination are still widespread worldwide.

This lamented the president of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, Cardinal Peter Turkson, in the Vatican. In many countries, this begins in the womb, when female fetuses are aborted because of their sex. Dangers from domestic violence to murder, slave labor and sexual exploitation of women must also carry weight in advancing the Millennium Development Goals, Turkson said. He explicitly opposed the gender theory.

Women's conference meets in Rome

The occasion for the appeal is a women's conference in Rome from Friday to Sunday on the further development of the UN Millennium Development Goals, the so-called Post-2015 Agenda. The international community will discuss this in New York in September. The conference in Rome is hosted by Turksons Council as well as the "World Federation of Catholic Women's Organizations" and the "World Women's Alliance for Life and Family".

Although, according to him, there has been significant progress in the area of political and economic participation and the education of women, the project is to run for several years. But much remains to be done. Especially the education of women and girls is indispensable for their life in dignity. In the fight against poverty and hunger, women also play an essential role.

Criticism of the "gender theory

Turkson further criticized a threat to female nature by "the so-called gender theory," in which man and woman are seen as quasi identical. In this context, the president of the "World Women's Alliance for Life and Family", Olimpia Tarzia, called on the United Nations to strengthen the traditional family, based on marriage between a man and a woman, as the foundation of society and to support women in their right to motherhood.

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