“Against extremism and sexualized violence”

They have lost their relatives and are almost unprotected against sexual violence: Blume, the anti-Semitism commissioner for Baden-Wurttemberg, calls on the German government to take in more Yazidi women from northern Iraq.

Following the adoption of a resolution in the UN Security Council on the protection of women in conflict regions, he hopes that the German government will once again be willing to take in women and children who have suffered sexual violence, Michael Blume told the Evangelical Press Service (epd).

Emergencies that cannot be helped locally

Many hundreds of women were living in Iraqi refugee camps, all of whom had lost their relatives under the most difficult circumstances, added Blume, who is also head of the Northern Iraq department at the Ministry of State in Stuttgart.

They are absolute emergencies who cannot be helped on the ground.

Until mid-2016, Blume had headed a project group that was responsible for around 1.has brought 100 women and children in particular need of protection from northern Iraq to Germany. The majority of them were accommodated in Baden-Wurttemberg.

UN resolution against sexual violence in conflicts

Among them was Nadia Murad, who herself had been enslaved and raped by fighters of the terrorist militia "Islamic State" (IS) and is now a Nobel Peace Prize laureate. Murad was a speaker at the UN Security Council in New York on Tuesday, when the resolution against sexualized violence in conflicts was adopted there on Germany's initiative.

The goal of the resolution is to create structures to better prosecute perpetrators and better protect victims.

A change of location often helps

The religious scholar Blume emphasized: "If one federal state alone has managed to take in a thousand people, then the whole of Germany should be able to save another thousand."Baden-Wurttemberg offers to make its experience, expertise and contacts available to other authorities.

Many victims are already helped by a change of location. For example, they said, there have been many suicides in Iraq, but not a single one among the Yazidis taken in by Germany.

Many of the women have now obtained a driver's license and are working. They also testified before law enforcement agencies against IS perpetrators. "They are our allies against extremism and sexual violence," Blume said.

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