“Affected and fangless”

The archdiocese of Paderborn has admitted another case of sexual abuse by a clergyman. At the same time, Archbishop Hans-Josef Becker expressed his sympathy to the victims of the recently disclosed cases of abuse.

"The numerous cases of abuse that have come to light nationwide in recent days make me saddened and unhinged," Becker said Friday, according to the archdiocese. Abuse and pedophilia severely violate the dignity, intimacy and integrity of a child or adolescent. Great suffering is caused here. "The care of the church belongs to the victim and relatives."A priest working in the Werler Collegium Aloysianum was immediately relieved of his duties in 2002, the archdiocese announced Friday. In the late fall of 1980, sexual acts were allegedly committed against an underage boy. Thus the archdiocese confirmed now published information of "Spiegel online". But for victim-protection reasons, the archdiocese did not publicize the case earlier, spokesman agidius Engel said. The person concerned did not wish to go public and file a complaint. According to Engel, the victim had confronted the clergyman in 2002. As a result, the priest had revealed himself to the then Archbishop of Paderborn, Cardinal Joachim Degenhardt. Also because of his health situation, the cardinal relieved him of his duties. To this day, the crime is said to be an isolated case. The accused priest currently works as a house chaplain in an old people's home for nuns. Case from the 50s in Munster now knownIn the meantime, the diocese of Munster shared allegations against a now 85-year-old former Marist priest. He is said to have sexually molested a minor in the Netherlands in the 1950s. Bardem, who was born in the Netherlands, had left the Order and his native country in the 1960s. From 1965 on, he worked as a priest in the diocese of Munster. He has lived in the diocese of Aachen since his retirement in 1993. According to the diocese, Bishop Felix Genn of Munster banned the clergyman from performing priestly duties until the allegations are clarified. The investigations were carried out by the Dutch church commission "Help and Justice". In recent weeks, numerous cases of abuse by priests of the Catholic Jesuit order have become known, some of them dating back several decades. According to media reports, at least ten church servants are currently under suspicion. In Lower Saxony, three priests are accused of abuse in Gottingen, Hanover and Hildesheim. The first cases had been made public by the head of the Berlin Jesuit school Canisius-Kolleg, Klaus Mertes, at the end of January.

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