Abuse concealed

Abuse concealed

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The U.S. auxiliary bishop Binzer knew for years about incidents of abuse by a priest, but concealed them from his superior, Archbishop Schnurr. Binzer submitted his resignation, which the pope accepted.

Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of a controversial auxiliary bishop of the U.S. Archdiocese of Cincinnati. The Vatican announced Thursday that it was removing Joseph Binzer, 65, from his post. Details were not given.

Abuse concealed

Binzer had already been suspended months ago from his position as head of personnel for the priests of the diocese, but remained auxiliary bishop. He is accused of concealing from his superior, Archbishop Dennis Schnurr, allegations of "inappropriate behavior" by a priest toward minors.

According to the report, a cleric of the diocese had inappropriately embraced minors, touched them and made sexual innuendos in remarks and text messages. Binzer is said to have known about the incidents but did not disclose them to the archbishop.

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