A sign on the synodal way

A sign on the synodal way

The pulpit: often the place of preaching © Patrick Post (KNA)

They want to accompany the beginning of the Synodal Way: That is why the Oldenburg regional association of the Catholic Women's Community is planning the "First North German Women's Preaching Day" in mid-March. What is planned?

On the third Sunday of Lent, 15. March, only women would preach in the services of the congregations in the Oldenburg region, said the deputy spokeswoman of the regional leadership team of the kfd, Petra Focke, the online magazine "Church + Life" in Munster.

According to kfd information, ten congregations in the region want to participate in the "Women's Preaching Day" so far. Pastoral ministers and spiritual directors of associations are to give so-called testimonies of faith or an introduction (statio) in the services, but not the sermon interpreting the Gospel. Under church law, only bishops, priests and deacons have the authority to do so in Mass celebrations.

Women participate in preaching

The women wanted this to accompany the start of the Synodal Way reform dialogue in the German Catholic Church, Focke said. The action is to make visible that already now many women participated in the proclamation.

The opening event of the Synodal Way took place last week. From Thursday to Saturday, 230 clergy and laity met at a so-called synodal assembly in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. It is the highest body of the German reform dialogue. The content focuses on four themes: power, priestly life, sexual morality and the role of women.

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