Trump’s self-stopping at hindukusch

Trump's self-stopping at HinduKusch

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Comment: Just before the anniversary of the connection of the 11. September, Donald Trump has shut down the peacekeeping with the Taliban Via Twitter. This step was fatal

Trump’s step only makes it clear: the US prasident is not about peace, but self-containing. This has to end.

After nine talks with the political delegation of the Taliban in the Golfemirat Qatar, many Afghanistan observers agreed: the peace decoration is in front of the door, and he will be appreciated soon. But shortly thereafter, it became clear how unpredictable the US politics has become thanks to Donald Trump.

Via Twitter, the US prassident reported to speak shortly before the absorbing of the peace detail and blew any sponsored with the Afghan uptairs. The reason he called a Taliban attack in Kabul, where a US soldier and "eleven other people", How Trump wrote, were killed.

That said reason served as a pretext was clear. After all, it is – unfortunately – nothing new that the peace negotiations continued to get warred and people are told – from all sides. Anyone who says in these days, to attention to the violence of the extremists should not forget that according to UN in the first half of 2019 more civilians at Hinduchusch by US militar, Afghan army and CIA militia were killed. Also, the number of air raids and drone operations that have always hit civilians since has always made immensely increased.

Donald Trump wanted to negotiate with the Taliban, but at the same time he likes to escalate the violence in the country. The victims of this violence could not lose the American prassides little until not at all. It is therefore more than just incredible for that he is uphill.

In the US, the fact was criticized that Trump wanted to absorb the Peace Decal with the Taliban in Camp David – and also three days before the 18th. Anniversary of the terrorist attack of the 11. September. For wide circles of the US public, this would have been a scandal. After all, contrary to all known facts – the Taliban to which today a participation is accused of the abandonment.

Fact is definitely that not a single Afghan at the striking of the 11. September has been involved. The majority of the tatters were Saudis, but the most important US-bonded in the Middle East remained perfectly spared in any way. Instead, the absolutistical consumer acted as one of the control centers of the war at HinduKusch.

But TRUMP had some other things in line with Afghanistan. He wanted to end the longest war, which the US militar ever wanted to finish and stylize himself as a peacemaker, who deserves a Nobel Prize,. The scene of this goods Naturally Camp David, where once Menachem Begin and Anwar As-Sadat met with Jimmy Carter.

Trump thought that his plan had been perfect. He was just about himself. His soldiers interested him as little as all those Afghans, to which he – without zogern – only a few months after his power took "Mother of all bombs" defrost.

For Afghanistan everything is, which contributes to a continuing or escalation of the conflict, bad. While the Taliban diplomats were negotiated in Qatar, their hardliners are now promoted to the front and will never trust Washington again. During the rally Trump, who played even a few weeks before the assembled press with the imagination, ten millions of Afghans declined, more violence.

Trumps Twitter Tirade ended overnight with a question: "How long do the Taliban still want to fight?" The answer is simple: long than the US militar. However, the permanent state of war is finished only if it is really about peace – and not self-containing.

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