Scheuer: so much money like never before for cycle paths

Scheuer: So much money like never before for cycle paths

For cycling projects, according to Federal Traffic Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) are so many claims of the federal government as never before. "Now the municipalities have to access, now the money must also expire", said scrub at a cycling congress in Hamburg. Scheuer reacted to a demand of the German City and Municipal Bundes (DSTGB) for more money.

His main supplies Gerd Landsberg writes in an updated brochure to the cycling claim, a mailly obstacle are the municipal finance, which had a billions-heavy investment chests in the transport infrastructure. "Here it is important to contribute consistently by absorbing the cycling programs of the federal government and countries in favor of a flat-covered infrastructure construction." The Environmental Organization Confederation also points out that rearviews have failed to do so that ownership could not be applied. "Of course we have to catch up", Said scrub. But the federal government has responded to the catching demand. "The requirement for money is okay. Now it’s about the fact that the money is liable, and it’s as much as ever before."

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