If scientists of music smile

Computer program translates movement principles of an insect swarm in Tone. And: There are blatters that have worked as a primeval dinosaur toner?

Is freejazz curable? News from the wonderful world of free game of the brains or. Instruments: The one imagines that improvised music in Cyberspace flutter like bees and bird in the air, the other believes in petrified dinosaur toners who have been able to save their bridges since millions of years

If scientists of music smile

The British computer scientist Tim Blackwell and Peter Bentley from University College to London, who work on the broadcast of natural processes in software architecture, have the so-called SWARMUSIC PROGRAM designed. It is based on the amption that there is significant analogies between the creation of improvised music and the behavior of insects or birds in blackmakes. The animals follow after observations of researchers some fundamental rules that are here "Strut according to the center of your swarm, but do not rumble with your species" and so.

The software of Blackwell and Bentley treats music as a three-dimensional room with the dimensions loud, noten-length and ton-high. When a musician starts to play, a swarm of digital particles begins to crumble the notes in the room – allegedly just as well as Bee Maja and their friends on pollen search the bleed on the meadow.

With Swarmusic will steadily translate the current position of each particle in notes or sound, which are played back to the musician with slight delay quasi as an interactive response to the musician. It’s hard to believe, the scientists that the horny result of computer-generated swarm music is not human origin. Footlist Fez-Trager and owners of the Frank Zappa Bootlegs, which are still too common and familiar (cf. The hippieske elephant wedding of science and music) is now on the revolutionar thesis of Brit Brian Wybrow. So far, the education of the world substitute had thought yes, the oldest media for ton carrier had been highly a few centuries old. Did you just look a little further in the weight history. It could not be that Blatter Prahistoric Baume had worked on the basis of a particular surface structure of Anno Dazumal, such as primitive gramophone needles, and thus recorded the lovely pipes of the dinosaurs.

Wybrow is as important as the phonograph experiments of Thomas Alva Edison . Edison used in 19. Century a needle and a wax cylinder to record the sound of one’s own voice. Some prime little blatter with a wavy surface could have been covered with natural tree wax. Sharp peaks of other blatters in turn could have scraped grooves in the wax, which then strikes the sound waves of the dinos.

Sounds a lot of random, but the overlay that it could be possible, the loud of Joe Cocker, Mitch Ryder and Klaus’s location with its distant ancestors In fact Once comparable, has something. Remains only the bend question, whether not super brain Thomas M. Stone already secretly employed at the cloning of Saurians to secure the copyright at the Jurassic blues in good time as the guardian…

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