German learning satellite

Sar-Lupe satellites form the core of European satellite clarification with French Helios satellites

Germany moves towards the desired worldwide military action: the first of FUF spy satellites of the SAR loupe system was on 19.12. brought into the orbit from a Russian support rocket. Not many were allowed to raise the importance of this rocket launch, because the media reported as if a new shopping center had been opened.

German learning satellite

SAR LUPE SATELLIT (Synthetic Aperture Radar: Radar with a synthetic bundle width). Image: OHB

There was a lot of this matter, which was earned a more accurate lighting. For example, the fact that Germany is thus the third country (according to the US and Russia), the radar-labeled espionage from the universe is available. "Radar" Above all, weather in this context: weather-independent.

The rough disadvantage of radar technology is the lower resolution compared to the optical "Enlightenment", The times with fantastic results: probably can be distinguished on pictures of modern optical spy satellites 5-10 centimeters rough objects from each other.

But German qualitat work makes the disadvantage of the lower basic resolution partially. The new satellites can "Spotlight mode" By combining the SAR technique with layman events, illuminating an object of investigation from various perspectives and achieve resolutions of significantly below one meter when the data thus obtained.

Balle of a meter diameter and an exclusive viewer circle

Apply several satellites of the system together. How well that works exactly is secret. In the day show, after all, a representative of the manufacturer company OHB SYSTEM AG in uncle-shaped tone was allowed to explain that one "Pickle" Balle could already see a meter diameter, but not a Fubball.

The live transfer of the Taliban Cup from the dusty playing fields of Sudafghanistan unchanged for another reason: in real time there is nothing. And of course that is a very exclusive viewer circle that benefits this very special variety "TV" go. Because although crucial contributions to the functionality of the system of purely civil institutes and projects come from the University of Bremen (cf. Bundeswehr gets eyes in all), will be involved in military services access to the data.

These departments carry so beautiful names like "Feedback BW" (Application Command of the Bundeswehr) and "Kdostratata" (Command Strategic Deprust). Discretion is written roughly there. The start of the first satellite was postponed for almost two years because the first planned closure technology did not seem safe enough.

Kernstuck of the European satellite clarification N

Just like the actual start of the first satellite itself, the aspect of European integration on the whole project is mentioned, but consistently downplayed in its meaning. Because the SAR Lupe system should be coupled with the Helios satellites of the French, which offer both photo and infrared recordings.

The resulting network is quite openly advertised as a core stucco of the European satellite espionage. Together with the Galileo and GMES programs, there is a space-based, military infrastructure of significant strategic importance here.

If one adds the atomic Arsenal France, including his yellest resolved renewal (new missiles need the country), the efforts of the Bundeswehr to modernize their informational infrastructure and the increasingly clear articulated entitlement to Germany on a leading role in the order of the world, one can here Observe a European superpower at the creation. So exactly what groups like the IMI for years for years.

Who wife, maybe the SAR loupe and the HELIOS satellites are able to push brand-updated photos of Bundeswehrsolaten, which in Afghanistan with skeletons around.

"We can also different"

In connection of transnational integration, however, it is also interesting that the German space espionage is not back to the well-proven structures of the ESA and its support rocket Ariane, but to bring the self-developed satellites from the Russians to all. The message is: "We can also different", and she depends on the Americans and the French at the same time. In the German-Russian talks that have guided to this constellation, they had also liked to play a mouse.

What is Germany with its rough radar all costs in all costs? That depends on who one asks and what is meant exactly. The one say 300 million, the other 370 (with HELIOS integration), there are also estimates that the overall package amounts to 400 million euros. For a military project of this coarse, the daily seems little, and one should not be surprised if the satellites cost very much more at the end of their ten-year lifetime. Significant that the acquisition of the space toy is hardly justified with any civilian collateral uses.

During Galileo years ago, it had to read very closely between the lines in order to recognize the military relevance of the project at all (cf. Scandalosis Sandy Fault) Is this at SAR-LUPE exactly other than the manufacturer, the clearly militar-defined project still indicates a few "other earth observation tasks" (such as.B. "environmental Protection") – That’s it.

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