Europe is done

Discuss with Marvin Minsky

"As humanity we are quite stupid", Say Marvin Minsky. "And we will not be wise. Look at what Aristotle or what Shakespeare have written from hundreds of years – and the books that are printed today."

If you think of yourself and your own works, you are trying to give him right. Goods not Marvin Minsky – the living proof of it that he is wrong.

"My big fear is", he says, "That the majority of people simply decreed, as it is, be good. If we stay like this, we can not bother us the way into the posthumous entity."

The pseudo-optimistic objection, the average person is disgountable and should therefore long for changing, he wipes with a gesture aside. "Mischievously. But used to doing what he does. The majority does not want to change and her life."

The extropians, on the other hand, are the future, and therefore he feels well in their society.

"The only other group I know next to you, which is as profound with the future, are the science fiction writers. But those does not matter to keep right in the end. The extropians, on the other hand, is not about the game with the future, but for truth and reality."

Minsky is impatient, with himself and with the rest of humanity. He has lost more Ratsel and invented more machines than most of his professors’ colleagues. The patents have made him wealthy. But he becomes old, and the problem that has procured him like no other, the artificial intelligence is unostered than ever. He needed time, but that is missing.

At the end of the podium discussion, Eric Drexler has appeared, holding a arm chain in his hand. "I did not like any circumstances", he said, "For 1000 years in the future, to explain to explain to all possible people, why I have allowed my brilliant teacher simply died and has always disappeared from the earth." And has Marvin Minsky, who could only hide his tranes behind puffedness, surprises a certificate and the chain with the well-known emergency instructions: "In the event of death, see the back side for Biotesis protocol. Administering A -1484. Please call and ask for further instructions. 5000 U Heperin Spraying and CPR make, while body is cooled to ten degrees Celsius. pH at 7.Hold. No autopsy! No embalming!"

"Technology gives us more freedom", says Marvin Minsky now. "We have to hug her, instead of her too fear."

Whether this is not a very American thought?

"And a very Korean thought", he says turning. "Not to forget a very Japanese thought, one …"

"But not a particularly European thought", I interrupt him.

"Ha!" says Marvin Minsky, as if he had already thought that I got him. "I have no feel for Europe, I just do not understand these people and their litants." He jumps up and attacks after everything he was scattered on the table before on the table. "Europe is history, done", he calls, again on the way to the airport. "You can believe that. The reorganization of the continent and the euro will not otherwise."

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