Corona plague and hospital destruction

Corona plague and hospital destruction


Less and larger hospital instructors should be after a lobby "Quality" improve the care, on an epidemic one would be prepared less than ever

Rasch, the now clearly system-critical medical profession has responded to the expansion policy in terms of Chinavirus. The practical about health policy vehemently pour them alone with the alleged virus epidemic.1 Also, the usually as a jubiler of Berliner Groko agendives "Ledge" Meaning now that Germany on a serious plague "unprecedented" may be. In particular, the protection of hospitals and their employees should not be ensured.

In the alternative media is rightly emphasized that cost termination and profitizing the hospital care had been peaked so that it is no longer grown a serious burden.

Emergency care as a hospital walk

Since the beginning of the 1990s, together of the former "Minister" Horst Seehofer and the Bundestag-SPD initiated a forced privatization of the hospital care. The funds for this purpose were the installation of hospital financing via so-called fallpackages, the leadership of competition between the hospitals and a compulsion to the winner of the Hospital.

Similar to the German Federal Railways and German Federal Post, which is also privatized in the early 1990s, the Descentroses follow these privatization policy now also in the case of hospital infrastructure. For the population, in particular, the instructed emergency supply by the hospital tags are bad reality.

Above all, the intensive and emergency medical care for children has been so worsened by the described privatization and financing policy since the 1990s that more and more children were rejected in an emergency falling from the local hospitals and had to be brought into distant hospital instruments, protested at the end of 2019 German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive and Emergency Medicine (Divi) . Many visiting hospitals had now closed their children’s and children’s intensive stations.

Already in connection with the influenza wave of 2018, the Medical Union Marburger Confederation has pointed to the central importance of the hospital for emergency supply of the population. That at that time already some time mainly from the health insurance associations and certain groups alleged "Hospital expert" Forced talk about the need for a degradation of stationary capacity "lightly".

Currently, the General Hospital in Germany with CA. 600 emergency ambulances, the year more. 11 million patients around the clock first subceive and initially treat the crucial basis of the health care of the population in. Through the underfinancing of these hospital services, the hospital services in Germany arises a deficit of about 1 billion euros a year. These costs withheld by the health insurance companies increases in return their surplus.2

Since 2015, a violent political examination has been found in particular between the German hospital company (DKG) and the associated of the hospitals on the one hand, the Federal Government, the Coffek Groups and Advanced "Experts |" On the other hand, the necessary reorganization of the emergency care.

High point is that of "Minister" Spahn set up demand, the number of hospital notes of CA. 600 on approx. 300 to reduce to allegedly improve the performance of the emergency supply.

This cornuclation planes of the Federal Government and the cash register corporations and other stakeholders behind their current virus disease are a direct attack on the health of the population in Germany.

Destruction of local hospital care as a disease factor

Especially the neoliberal radicalized Schroder- and after-Schroder-SPD already had in 2013 with their for such "Expertise" well-known Friedrich-Ebert Foundation A strategy of emerging, with which the resistance of regional populations against the wanted destruction of housing-related hospital care should be bypassed. Although this hospital tier is prioritizing the lowering of the "costs" the cash register corporations, D.H. the lowering of the so-called "Pay additional costs" Especially the export industry went, the parole was widely used that by less and coarse hospitalians "Quality" The hospital supply will be improved KONNE.

In the following years, a heatedocommissioned campaign was created "Experts |", behind this academies and foundations, such as a so-called National Academy of Sciences or the Bertelsmann Foundation, the so-known Bertelsmann Foundation, the so-called scientific institute of the local health insurance (WIDO), but also the media such as ARD, image-newspaper, Suddeutsche Zeitung, the cash register corporations Etc, ("Medileak" – Hospital data theft).

This phalanx has been drumming for Dafur since 2015 to replace the existing flat-covered residential supply of general hospitals through a few coarse clinic complexes. the "Experts |" The named National Academy of Sciences Recommend a removal of 1300 of the 1600 General Hospital. the "Experts |" The Bertelsmann Foundation propose a removal of 800 of the 1400 housing clinics.

Noteworthy is that the majority of red-green and left health movement tolerate this campaign and carries in widths. A reason for this may be that the so-called "Healthlight" Intellectually a jammable appearance offers and has not recognized so far that the hundreds of billions of euros for health and care supply represent a new field of investment. While the automotive exportism as a business model Germany recognizable detectable in trouble, a brutal social state colonialism offers quite replacement.

If the profit management requirements of the campaign to destroy the place of residence Hospitals was not only at the beginning of their implementation, this was related to the actual or pre-exchanged China virus epidemistry that the quarantine enable could not be accommodated and supplied in durable and performance residence hospitals. They had to be secreted in gyms, trade barbs or tent warehouses.

It became the weakest of the company, which by Red-Grun years ago in the Hartz IV ghetto, was most involved in the Hartz IV ghetto. This results from the invitation of the Federal Bundesburocracy to create an emergency supply for Quarantanefalle. The stocked by the Federal Office for Bevoil Protection and Disaster Relief (BBK) for a four-headed family requires an effort of about 300, – Euro.

Inquiries have shown that Hartz IV recipients receive no grasps for these they do not need to be awarded them, so without minor stocks.

Social Association VDK as a Handle of Hospital Reduction

How far the former welfare state has now turned against the dependence against the dependence of the formerly critical-progressive social association VDK to the intentions of the AntiCrankenhaus cartel. Already since the years of VDK Prasidens of the former SPD State Secretary Ulrike Mascher, the Social Association has become a veritable confluence of the Groko.

Now the new Prasident of the VDK, SPD member and former-related disabled officer of the GROKO, the VDK Social Association also made in terms of hospital reduction to a propagandistic handlord of the Federal Government and the Anti-Herman Cartel. Bentele, which in the Handelsblatt as "Expert" Since 2019 a column with text FULT, there has also been written to the anti-hospital campaign. She has in its executions the argumentation patterns of the "Review" The Bertelsmann Foundation for Hospital Reduction largely superserved – a far-sighted contribution of the Social Association VDK to epidemic pravention.

Update: Myth’s Grobkrankenhaus

First of all, the comment author earn the contribution "Corona plague and hospital destruction" Respect for their mostly serious, relevant and expert opinions.

How to expect the topic of the contribution, some commentators have reported to speak, which in turn reproduce the central argument of the centralization cartel: the gross a hospital was so high as well as its treatment qualitat.

Discussions in media forums are not events for developing a leading scientific consensus, but preferences to retain right or supersomed opinion.

So if it is by no means secured in the subject discussion Myth’s Gross Hospital and the preferred in this context high performance rather than smaller hospital workers, it had little sense to carry out epidemiological counter-arguments here, for example. Thus, they are happy to make the Fuhrieft Baufskalle only 1 to 2 percent of all hospital trap. Also, the heart attacks also liked to enter the field also make only 1.5 to 3 percent of all hospital trap. Variations arise according to gender, old etc. For discussions as they were carried in media forums, dramatic counter-examples are instead of the moderation of the "Myth’s gross hospital" display.

A supergau for the propaganda chimaries "Coarse hospital" Was that a decade ago the Bavarian City of Proven Hygiene Scandal of the City Clinic Group. U.a. It turned out that, under the responsibility of the third party burger masters, the economy of the clinic operation was forced, but thus almost incredible hygiene deficits were caused: u.a. came out of outsourct "purified" OP-cutlery still polluted into the surgery. On the Internet there is a rich collection of media reports for "Munchner Clinic Scandal".

Maybe this mega-disaster is not enough, the coarse hospital fundamentalism to steam – hope, however, prepares the rapid loss of reputation, which has since suffered the SUV. To whose disassembly, the picture newspaper has earned its continuing reporting over Totraser.

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