“Controlled by the doctors kagan”

The direct route to the commanding General: How two celebrities US Think Tank Members Petraeus

Close to the top of the militar command does not work: The couple Frederick and Kimberly Kagan had direct access to General David H almost almost a year. Petraeus, when he was commander of the US Forces Afghanistan and the ISAF in Afghanistan (from the beginning of July 2010 to mid-July 2011). Unlike military attractive, they were not obligated to find a substantial service route to find obedience, but they could bring their expertise unaffectedly, directly and extensively to the general.

Voices the research of the journalist Rajiv Chandrasaran, so the two Think-tank personalities from Washington have a separate desk in the district of the militar commands, they received access to high-level strategy chances, and the security permit, which also allowed them to do so, To take insight into intelligence information. Both are to have read, for example, covered speech between Taliban members with coarse pleasure and commitment.

The Kagans were "de facto high-ranking consultants of the four-star general", Write Chandrasaran, who were allowed to travel through war areas and depended on inconceic private meetings in his Buro. The woman’s house and the Pentagon allegedly knew nothing about the amazing emission of the committing of the couple in the work Petraeus’.

Now this is alone in view of the notorious foreclosure, the Miltars otherwise operate against opposite civilians (drones to land, air and on the lake), except; Spicy is when you take the background of the two kagans in the picture and the kind of expertise you delivered.

Frederick Kagan, brother of the slightly famous Robert Kagan, the co-generation of the Neoonservative Think Tank Project for the New American Century, is a member of the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), another intellectual home of the neoconservatives. Kagan becomes aei as one of the "Intellectual architects of the successful ‘Surge Strategy’ in Iraq" designated. In Afghanistan he was also in Petraeus and its rod for the "Surge"-strategy. Both Kagans are according to Washington Post until today’s opponents of troop reductions.

Kimberly Kagan headed the Think Tank Institute for the Study of War. Its donors are rough names in the military birth and preferred contractor of the Pentagon, such as Northtrup Grunman, CACI or Dyncorp. For their monthly advisory activities, which, according to information Rajiv Chandrasaran, generally put on a harder military approach, Kagans did not receive any money from the state; The monthly stays in Afghanistan were financially supported by the Think Tanks and their sponsors.

Since the two KAGANs have good relations in Washington and are unavailable as commentators in important media, they could put prere on the situation in Afghanistan with their association on the situation in Afghanistan, the newspaper report. The two that the two threat indicated by the subtle, they had the segregation, the campaign in Afghanistan was currently unsuccessful, to have procured an invitation from the former military US commander in Afghanistan, McChrystal at the beginning of 2010.

To Some Senior Staff Members in McChrystal’s Headquarters, The E-mail Read Like A Threat: Invite US to Visit Or We Will Publish A Piece Saying The War Is Lost.

In the case of an exclusive dinner event of the Institute for the Study of the last year, Petraeus prepared the present sponsors Dyncorp International, Caci International and General Dynamics, the pleasure to stretch the role of the couple something: "The Kagans node and judge my work daily. Whatever there is a suspicion that there is a hand in my jerk, which also moves my lips; She is controlled by one of the doctors Kagan." A joke. Frederick Kagan worked in Afghanistan as an expert for the evidence of corruption.

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