Beautiful new working world

Like them, work actually makes work in a society whose operating system relies on competition, victories and defeats?

God brought the wearing work as a punishment via man. "It is the essential prerequisite for the self-realization of people and their participation in social life", By contrast, the DGB in the principle program of the future of work. Should the Bible have right? Such paradoxicals at work, which is the history of the history of Karl Marx as "Eternal nature needs" appeared, Prage a diffuse term beyond a clear positive or negative occupation. Work makes life sour and, on the other hand, offers high satisfaction guarantee and be it only a higher social respect against people without work.

The term is therefore policymakative because it is definitely diffused enough without additional categories in order to provide sharp distinctions that discredit the respective opponent fundamentally: a Marxist work concept has as much as the underlying human images with a neoliberal or market-oriented concept of work. Beyond the evergreen hope for a non-evident work, in a FORSA study on behalf of the Furstenberg Institute this time is less theory than in good factitants of the opposite working world.

Was examined which circumstances of workers prevent the development of their optimal performance. 63 percent of workers questioned in the study explained that their performance in the workplace is reduced. Lack of recognition (27 percent), fear of loss of work (17 percent) and missing performance options (22 percent) are called the causes. Stress is another factor, with 41 percent of the performance deficits surveyed for problems on the private front.

The concern for the family is a rough burden, which does not correlate without further notice with a further knowledge of the study, that more young employees complain more than ancient. All in all: "262 billion. Euro costs, converted 11.5 percent of the price-adjusted gross domestic product of 2008." The fact that is stupid: where people can provide optimal services, apart from doped athletes and stress-resistant politicians once, must be doubted. Man is also available in the present invention of the present multitasking society, which desperate alpha journalists like Frank Schirrmacher to desperate the digital recover, an animal with many, though conditionally reliable functions.

In this respect, such studies can be used on the "Conditio Humana" Not much new tell. Clear us up at all? The early work sociologist Karl Bucher complained in his ethnological study "Work and rhythm" Already in 1904, that modern work is no longer like natural volciers "Music and poetry at the same time" be. The requirements of the technically advanced mass production were made to the work soulless because the human rhythm was sacrificed technical conditions. Whether he had agreed on plantation slaves, music or blues, did not have been investigated.

But even with happy models, of Robert Owens cooperatively projected working colony "New Harmony" From 1825 Uber Henry Fords Ca. 100 years later of FordLândia to the Human Relations movement wanted the "Beautiful new working world" only in the ideal design creates. Modern forms of work are light-years of such fruh- to spatsocialistic belongings forms of work. The insignia, always new knowledge in ever more short times to be successful working routines, are as numerous as those who work in companies, which are considered sick green households of a damaged dispute and hate culture, without the rewarding also the mandatory Additional function of a pain money.

Tribe ratios of profit and morality, job and work joy

Looking at business cultures, numerous recipes are called to secure productivity in the association with profit working conditions. Chendable workers and at least as happy entrepreneurs are always pictures of an abstract utopia, as the just restored film "Metropolis" in a crude, unfortunately only cineastically successful formula grabbed: "Middle between brain and hand should be the heart." The sole is already sharp criticism at that time, because one does not have to be a hardcore class cheaper to perceive the collected ignorance against all interests in the interests of those involved.

"heart" or heart rate materials have been administered in companies for many years to make the workplaces morearious at least in their paper form. Handicapped and bullying commissioners, integration management, employee conferences without end, compliance guides and related recipes are ceased to simplify the impression, here is more than Ode Maloche. If you read upturing codes of companies, if you are in urgent anticipation of their implementation best grades, you will know that "mobbing" An alien from a distant galaxy is.

In modification of Jean-Paul Sartres social pessimism is based on the wolfish traces of Thomas Hobbes: Bullying, that’s always the others. Or something: all talk about bullying, we do not! It is Grotesk that all the world is excited about the bullying and burnout underworlds of the companies, but the legal consequences remain regularly. The typical company elects the mirror glass concrete idyll of the facades for the guild of the "Corporate Identity", the company against every labor social finding as "humanoid" Personality represents. Typical are such entrepreneurial magia, as they are used a thousand times: "We as x group want to be in our core business … world leader. Become a worldwide company, not only in every country, in which we are tentig, is for our technical, economic and financial performance at the winning podium, but also to set mabstabe through exemplary sports principles and professional behavior." Of course, this does not work because success and ethos do not look like fire and water. But economic mega successfully means that numerous sprint techniques in the global shark basin is not due to too much ethical "ballast" and personnel problems of employees are hindered thurfing.

This continues to take part in profit and morality, job and work joy, this will also characterize this way:

Today’s capitalist economic regulations is a tremendous cosmos in which the individual is born into it and the for him, at least as a single, as factually arising outheavant housing, in which he has to live,. He forces the individual, insofar as he fought into the context of the market, the standards of his economic action. The manufacturer who constantly counteracts this norms is eliminated economically as infallible as the worker who can not or wants to adapt to them as an unemployed to the strain. Today’s capitalism, so capitalism gained and creates the economic objects – entrepreneurs and workers – whose he needs in the way of the economic A u s l e s e.

That did not tell Karl Marx, but Max Weber in his analysis "Protestant ethics and the spirit of capitalism"

Cum Grano Salis still applies this determinism of role distribution. Guido Westerwells exports for all appropriate resentment topic "Work has to be worthwhile again" are therefore so scurrping so because complex societies were not worked on, when career and profit-oriented entrepreneurial reasons are properly presented, which do not need the social network, but allegedly send fate to devil with motivation and spit.

Not distortable is not the loan of labor force, motivation and self-responsibility per se, but the flat-covered projection on an economic and working company, which is directed in your operating system on competition, victories and defeats. Westerwells world is a winner world, in which victims are company information and those who claim to be victims, great facie had to be examined for their simulating status.

The more cheerful work makes the work, the less pay is paid for it

However, it is not Westerwellen privilege to stylize the good punishment of work to heroic act. "There is no right to laziness in our society" Already completed us in 2001 the pragmatic Social Democrat Gerhard Schroder (from the human right to laziness), at the time still Federal Chancellor, today the flammable lobbyist. Some human character characteristics simply highlighted on social structures is the convincing political naive sofittic discourse, which never accepts that unemployed, "Loose", Criminal and the very heterogeneous staff of popular parallel companies are systematically and necessary to be made of ratios in order to reproduce this society.

If you want the against Max Webers happy insight differently and better, needs more radical recipes than the tinctures from the well-fire department "Work has to be worthwhile again". It would not be more courageous to point out that the company is on the fact that performance is more and less worthwhile. This should be added to the note that education could no longer pay off – at least not within the framework of this clip-folding mechanism, which is associated with politics as a ranked Remedium. How to fail after this party-shapeful ideology actually unemployed academics?

We do not have placed a complete conversion, better: upheaval of the economic system and the world of work (full panic on the Titanic), which must decouple concrete lives, work and money circulation to get to profitable conditions? Maybe the precare then "Wage maturity" Conversely, to interpret: Who works, gets less than those who do without reclaiming one of the remaining workplaces for themselves. The more cheerful work makes the work, the less pay is paid for it.

This anticipated conversion of society likes hardly a thinking, at least politician, because this radicality first does not arrive at the Wahler and, secondly, it is clearly clear which company is coming to us among these outpoints. As far as the conditions dictate these programs, however, it is also possible to ame without a crystal ball that the impositions of political rhetoric are becoming more obvious. A consolation remains: Even for politicians, the times are heavier, if you can ring with old categories in ever new disasters and sell us out of old routine than the art of good helmsman.

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