Atlantis discovered on satellite pictures?

Is Atlantis in the mud before Gibraltar, Cyprus, in the bermuda triangle or even before Heligoland?

The legendary island is a counsel that not only fascinates archaologists. She is a myth, but there could be a real background of the described utopia, a stucco land that sank in the sea. Much has been speculated where the legendary ruins are best to look for. Now two Germans join the thesis, Atlantis lie in Sudspania and not somewhere in the sea. They relate to satellite pictures. Other researchers are already on the way to Cyprus.

Labeled old citys have awakened the explorer’s lust in the past, and it turned out that the places described by antique writers such as MyKene or Troja) actually existed. Archaologists are trying to get started and digging the biblical equipments (everything is in the Bible). With satellite pictures in Handen even an expedition is on the way to the mountain Ararat, where you suspect the Uberreste of the Noah Ark (Satellite Photo Lost New Search Action after the Noah Ark).

Legend and amptions

Everything starts with the Greek philosopher Platon (427-347 V. Chr.), who reports in his immediate dialogues between Timaios and Kritias by this utopian island empire. However, Platon writes: "I want to report an old legend, which I heard from the mouth of a just not young man; because Kritias was at that time, as he said almost to the ninety, and I was about in the tenth year", something very "There was once…" sound. Even Aristotle suspected that his teacher had found this story as a political apprenticeship. But that does not prevent people rats and fantasize.

Atlantis discovered on satellite pictures?

The two temple ruins, right part of one of the surrounding circles

Four million hits gives the term "Atlantis" when entering a search engine on the Internet. Even the Bavarian Ministry of the Environment can not escape the fascination (the Myth Atlantis). Some talk about a sunken continent, there are guesses that Atlantis was in the Bermuda triangle or at Heligoland; As a hot candidate, the Canary Islands or Thera at Crete were traded again and again. These are just a few examples, in fact, there are also theories about the Antarctic or Hawaii.

Mare Nostrum

In the antiquity was the Mediterranean pivot point of being. Accordingly, Plato resorts the fabulous eiland in the nearby "Saille of Heracle", as at that time the strain of Gibraltar was called. In the ice age, the water level in the Mediterranean was much lower than today, Atlantis could have been there – but it was much smaller than in the Platonic description (Atlantis lay in front of Gibraltar). It speaks a lot for Sudspania and especially the area in the near Cadiz. The reasoning that the name of the Moors for this region "Al Andaluz" Lightly crisp as Atlantis sounds (the location of Atlantis), let’s get ahead now.

Already in 2000, the archaologist and confessing set "Atlantologist" Georgeos Diaz-Montexano The thesis on, it’s been looking for a musise between Cadiz and Gibraltar. However, he is considered as a scientist and feels exposed to a consposition to the vacuum of his theories (Atlantis in Gibraltar: Conspiracy Against Georgeos and Their Discoveries and Photos). He has meanwhile created a Spanish website for disseminating his theory (La Atlantida Descubiera).


But it does not necessarily have to be the sea where Atlantis is to look for. In the June edition of Archaology magazine Antiquity published the physicist Rainer W. Kuhne his thesis that the ruins of the fabulous high culture stand in a saltwater sump named Marisma de Hinojos at Cadiz. In this custodian area, the River Guadalquivir fell into the sea.

Rainer Kune has been a long deal with Atlantis and in the course of his research on the vocational school teacher and hobby archaologists Werner Wickboldt, which in turn discovered the satellite images of the Guadalquivir delta and is convinced, is that the overrests of Atlantis can be seen, as he will present Conuner (Researcher reports: Atlantis found). The two are sure that on one of the remote sensing photos, two rectangular structures are recognized, which correspond to exactly the temples described by Platon in Atlantis in their omissions, they are also surrounded by concentric circles, which is also the antique description according to the antique description.

"Plato wrote about an island with a diameter of funf stadiums (925 m) surrounded by round structures – concentric rings – some from earth, others from water. We see the photos concentric rings, as Platon has described you", Declared Rainer Kune opposed the BBC (Satellite Images "Show Atlantis"To). However, they are 20 percent gross, but that could lie on deviations of ancient flat mab.

Atlantis discovered on satellite pictures?

A ring-shaped structure like Platon she described is recognizable on the satellite images of the marsh landscape in the near the Sudspan Cadiz Cadiz

Overall, there are even more ways, because the surrounding area is like Atlantis a rectangular, smooth and equal level that lies on a sudcust. The term island was perhaps a translation error and actually it had to hurt Kuste, says Kuhne. The potential "silver" Temple of the Poseidon lies with the coordinates 36 ° 57’25 ‘± 6’ ‘n and 6 ° 22’58’ ‘± 8’ ‘W.

Certainty could only bring archaological field work. But get an excavation permit, in the area between Huelva, Seville and Cadiz will be virtually impossible, as the potential temples of Atlantis are in the middle of the Donana nature reserve. However, the new theory is going to an old one of about 1920, after the Atlantis could possibly be identical to the Sudspanese Tartessos culture (Spain and Tartessos and the kingdom of Tartessos).

Island of Gotter

Others make themselves in the search at other part of the world. The independent researchers and book author Robert Sarmam started an expedition in the Mediterranean (Discovery of Atlantis) at the end of April. He believes that Cyprus is, so to speak, the tip of the iceberg of Atlantis, the rest of the island was defeated and it has been searched by the seabed.

Atlantis discovered on satellite pictures?

Robert Sarmast’s Atlantis ilica of Cyprus

He too refers to a lot of coordinations with the text Plato and now wants to provide proof of his thesis before the Kuste Syria. He started his research journey with coarse media rummage, which will certainly bring a lot for the sales figures of his book. Whether he finds more than sea anemones remains to be seen. How does Platon write:

"As a result, the mighty earthquakes, excess floods and the sinking sinking of the island] has also become the local sea undefirable and impenetrable, because the sludge in small depth, which the setting island was hindered, hindrance."

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