Al qaeda and iran, bin laden and hitler – lenin

With a dangerous rhetoric, US Prasident Bush wants to bring people back and speaks again from the historical order in the war against terrorism, whereby the Shiites and the Iran look at Al-Qaeda to the new enemy

Before the upcoming congress elections in November, the Bush government tries the attention to the reminder of the 11.9. and thus to address the fear of and the war against terrorism in order to counter all the popularity loss of the prasident and the republicans caused mainly through the Iraq war. With the terror, US Prasident has really prevalently enforced and can rule for a long time dominated for a long time. Similar to the wife house from the striking of the 11.9. A historical broadcast of the now living generation to the rescue of freedom and civilization in front of the boses, the spin doctors around Bush now resort to the same means, but dramatize the situation and stylize the World War against terrorism as the "gross ideological struggle of the 21. Century "he with the fight in the 20th. Century against fascism and communism or totalitarianism equals – and thus the US and as a savior builds without the rest of the world lost goods. Hitler and Lenin are also striking, again is the speech of the "reputation of history" and Bush pushes on a new enemy on Al Qaeda: Iran.

US Prasident Bush at his speech in front of the Military Officers Association of America on Tuesday. Image: Weibe’s house

In order to properly bring the global threat to Al-Qaeda and the Islamist Sunnitic and Shiite terrorists, Bush must like the 11.9. inflate these to be powerful opponents. In his speech marked the launch of the election campaign, many exercises are quoted bin shops. They should make it clear that the Muslim representatives of the Bosen have coarse in the sense and want to achieve this by all means. They want to expel the incredible distributors from all Muslim countries and these from Europe over North Africa and the Middle East to Sudostasia to a super state, a "caliphate", which is governed by the "hatred ideology". Bush points to Taliban-Afghanistan as a model for the planned God state, in which it was no longer a freedom and no constitutional state, but there is a cruel vacuum, a man rule and countless prohibitions.

The Taliban regime can be described as Totalitar’s society, but it can be compare of this society dominated by a religious ideology with fascism and communism, is highly questionable and probably counterproductive. The comparison is close to the point of view of Bush Strategists, because one wants to pull from the Second World War and the Cold War a role model for the present use of the US and also for success, while at the same time in the continuity of American history As a carrier of freedom and democracy enrolls to complete them. In addition, the inclination not only to be found to be found to dive the story into a religious light and thus see themselves in a possible final, apocalyptic struggle between the good and the boses. At least Bush speaks that in the war, which was decidedly told around the world, he only accepts one CONNE: the "total victory". The religious background was also allowed to prevent Bush and which can not recognize the religious dimensions of the Islamists’ religious dimensions and only of world conquest plans, a bose ideology, a perverted Islam or the hatred of freedom, represented by the US and Bush / Cheney , to be able to speak.

History Teaches That Underestimating The Words of Evil and Ambitious Men Is A Terrible Mistake. In The Early 1900s, An Exiled Lawyer in Europe Published A Pamphlet Called "What is to be done?" — in Which He Laid Out His Plan to Launch A Communist Revolution in Russia. The World Did Not Heed Lenin’s Words, And Paid A Terrible Price. The Sofiet Empire He Established Killed Tens of Millions, And Brought the World to the Brink of Thermonuclear. In The 1920s, A Failed Austrian Painter Published a Book in Which He Explained His Intention to Build at Aryan Super State in Germany and Take Revenge on Europe and Eradicate The Jews. The World Ignored Hitler’s Words, And Paid A Terrible Price. His Nazi Regime Killed Millions in The Gas Chambers, and Set The World Aflame in War, Before It’s Finaly Defeated at A Terrible Cost in Lives.

Bush has to be sampled that the words of Islamist fuhrer – you will also be quoted by the woman’s house on a private side – take a while to prevent early to prevent little starting as in fascism and communism, as with Hitler and Lenin then Dangerous arise that can then be defeated only with coarse sacrifices. He not only evaluates Bin Laden, who lives somewhere, probably relatively powerless, in a Kaff in the mountains on the Afghan-Pakistani border, and other representatives of the Islamist scene to an enemy, which on the same level as the prassident of global superpower acting, he is also the simple calculation of the worldscape to itself, in which it is now not about complex political, social and economic facts in a globalized world with a long history, but about the fight between the good and the boses , the victory of freedom or Islam and the destruction of the terrorists or the incredible. This reduction on a simple, film groom drama, already the success of Bush in the first years after the 11.9. secured this message dangerous. The consequences of the war against the supposed Bose are not perceived on both sides of the ideologically fabric, because ever new Bose – Bush speaks, for example, mythical of the "power of the darkness and the tyranny" – must be produced to keep the follower, the realitat to hide and stabilize the rage of fear and prejudice.

Although the Hussein regime had not to do anything with Al Qaeda or Islamism, and Iraq was only after the "liberation" to a combat area for Islamists, so that Al-Qaeda has imprisoned here, Bush now represents the Need to recover from the country, so that for bin Laden is the most important front against the USA in Iraq. If Iraq falls, so bush in another speech, the Islamists are soon in the USA. Now he says:

For Al Qaeda, Iraq Is Not a Distraction from their War On America – It Is The Central Battlefield Where The Outcome of this Struggle wants be decideded.

But Bush also prepares a new front. He uses Sunnitic (Al Qaeda) extremists with shiite the same. Of course, not to discuss the conflicts behind it between the two groups, which became the simple story too complicated. The Shiites are just another aspect of the danger that goes out of the Islamist terrorist networks. Even a much oldian, because finally the Shiite extremists already have torn the power in 1979 in 1979 in Iran, built a tyranny and used the means of the country to spread terror and pursue their radical plan. That the US government also had their hand in the game, dazzen a democratic Iranian government, supported the dictatorship of the Shah, and finishing Saddam Hussein in the fight against Iran, while Rumfeld and the US government at that time surprised the Iraqi use of chemical warfare , of course, in the carefully knitted image of the ideologist a vacancy remains. Dafur then al-Qaeda and Sunnitic extremists are equated with the Iranian government because they were pursuing the same goals. Therefore, the exercises must also take care of Hezbollah-Fuhrer Nasrallah or by the Iranian Prassident Ahmadinejad seriously.

The Shia and Sunni Extremists Represent Different Faces of the Same Threat. They Draw Inspiration From Different Sources, But Both Seek to Impose A Dark Vision of Violent Islamic Radicalism Across The Middle East. They Oppose The Advance Of Freedom, And They Want To Gain Control of Weapons Of Mass Destruction. IF THEY SUCCEED IN UNERMINING Fragile Democracies, Like Iraq, And Drive The Forces of Freedom Out Of The Region, They Will Have At Open Field to Pursue Their Dangerous Goals. Each Strain of Violent Islamic Radicalism Wohold Be emboldeded in their Efforts to Topple Moderate Governments and Establish Terrorist Safe Haven.

After the newly presented national strategy to get terrorism, four goals are in the short term in the foreground. First, to prevent terrorism to bring the war to the enemies, which does not have good ancestors with the equation of Al-Qaeda and Iran. Accelerator also the expansion of security and monitoring in the US itself. Second, MUSSE can be prevented that "rogue states" can receive or develop mass destruction weapons. That too is not a new goal, but very well directed against Iran. Third, no differences between terrorists and supports should be made. Fourth MUSSE terrorists of each area are made in dispute that you can use as a jerking and attack area. This does not only affect territories, but also "intangible or virtual shelter, as they exist in legal, cyber and financial systems". In speech, he still refers to a funft’s goal: the "spread of hope for freedom".

Whether it will create US Prasident Bush, with the contested series of Groben talking about the global war against terrorism people again, you have to wait. If the Bush government should succeed in seeing the US burger again as a "nation in the war", in a destination war, "then something had to happen to maintain this mood at least up to the elections. Most Americans were allowed to be after the survey results, the messages from Iraq Mude, who do not have a success, but show a country that as well as Afghanistan sinks more and more into chaos and in the burger war. Even with the thwarted, often enough hardly truly hazardous stop plans, people were allowed to be no longer a mobilizable. A terrorist attack in the US was credited the government, already struck by Katrina, as a successful protector before terrorism completely undermining. I liked the inspiration of the conflict with Iran and a renewed military intervention. And that’s exactly what this speech seems to put from Bush.

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