About: british drivers are “employee” and get minimum wage

About: British drivers are'mitarbeiter' und erhalten mindestlohn'mitarbeiter' und erhalten mindestlohn

The US driving service provider over a long-lasting litigation and a judgment of the London Supreme Courts will look at his riders in the United Kingdom as a member of the United Kingdom and to give them the rights tolerate. This is from a statement to US Borsenauf (United States Securities and Exchange Commission, SEC) from Tuesday. So far, Uber drivers were as a defined entrepreneur at the driving service provider. Affected are around 70.000 driver.

For over, the employment status of his employees is crucial for the business model, because without the employee status, the company does not create obligations as an employer to the army on drivers, which ensures high savings. Minimum wage payments, Paid disease days or paid vacation did not have to finance and benefited as well as its competitor Lyft as well. So far, Uber had argued that the self-leverage benefits the drivers, because they have been flexible in terms of time and at the same time for further employers such as LYFT.

The London Supreme Court liked in his judgment of February 2021, however, not quite follow the association of Uber. Even the Ubers argument that not so many riders used the Uber app for the 2016 order acquisition did not follow the court.

Employees is not an employee

But as Rosig, as it suggests the envision of over the second of the SEC, it does not look for the Uber drivers. Although they are the status of a "Workers" However, according to British law, it is not the complete claim of benefits as you have employees. For example, the drivers are still entitled to the minimum wage, pension creation and paid vacation, but not full workers’ rights, for example, in parental leave or payment of severance payments.

But already now there are first disputes around the minimum wage. Overlook the over the period of the inclusion of a request for a request by the Uber driver until the exit of the passenger. The times in between should the drivers go out empty. James Farrar, one of the words of action against Uber, made it clear that the drivers would not pay any payments for at least 40 to 50 percent of the actual working hours, the news agency is called PA. "Waiting to work", he said. At Starbucks, the time is payable, in which no customers are in business.

Uber indicated that the current average wage of a Uber driver in the United Konigreich in London is about 17 pounds sterling, about 19.86 euros, per hour, in the rest of the country 14 pounds. The lounger clearly about the minimum wage, which from the 1. April should be raised to 8.91 pounds.

Uber looks reform needs

At least a little happens over now, even if this was probably only on prere of the Supreme Courts. Uber boss Dara Khosrowshahi wrote in a guest contribution for the Evening Standard: "It is increasingly clear that flexibility alone is not sufficient and social security should not suffer." It is satisfied with the British labor law system, which is still taking advantage of its company, but it looks a need in other countries, especially the European Union, "outdated occupational laws" reform. You and the US should work here on reforms to better make flexibility and protection of workers better.

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